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In addition to achieving the strategic objectives of the company, our HR policy includes teambuilding, each member of which respects the values of the company and maintains a balance of interests. We appreciate and encourage such qualities as imitativeness, teamwork, and desire of self-improvement. For employees who have these qualities, our company offers a vast range of opportunities for professional development and career growth. Undoubtedly, our brand is heavily reliable on our personnel, its management, professionalism and attitude towards work. Therefore, we pay special attention to the personal and professional qualities of employees, as well as their compliance with the rules of corporate culture.

The presence of diligent and hard-working staff, alongside with our compliance with all the rules and regulations stipulates the fact that today, our company is one of the fastest growing ones of Azerbaijan. Our company has made a significant contribution to the training of construction professionals.
Management – ward employee affairs in the company are highly interactive. Management values the staff; employees, in their turn, believe in the priority interests of the company. We sincerely believe that our team of experts is able to achieve all the goals set!